Random List: 10 Websites that will make you uncontrollably shit HTML code.

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This list will make you die from epileptic shock, despise animated GIF's, wonder why people prefer backgrounds that are rainbow colored and move, hate text that is impossible to read, hate midi even more than you ever did and wonder about the future of humanity... all in one!!


This webpage just doesn't lie. I mean, the domain name, that is. This website is an epileptic's worst nightmare. (I feel like I'm going to be saying that quite frequently with this list...)

I know, I'll give the guy a break since it is his "ISYS project." He probably was the hero of that class, actually. But.. by making this webpage, he has also probably killed many unsuspecting epileptics by thinking they were going to the blog The Best Page in the Universe, which is actually amazing.

Here's you go... http://www.themostamazingwebsiteontheinternet.com/

2. Accept Jesus as your personal savior, or else.

Nothing will make you love jesus more than visiting this website, honestly. Also, check out the security warning at the top of the page... priceless... "You are possibly not secure in your own personal faith. Trust God solely through His son, Jesus, for the forgiveness of all your sins and the free gift of eternal life." Uhg....

I don't know if they realize this... but making their website rainbow themed makes it a little gay... And we all know how much Jesus loving folk adore those gays.

Here's you go... http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/

3. Big Head Caps

Not only does this website not understand it's horrendous animated GIF usage, it utilizes it to an extent where my eyes started to bleed by just looking at it.
AMAZING! This gif totally shows how fucking flexible these fucking hats are!!!~!~~

Here's you go... http://www.bigheadcaps.com/flexiblecaps.html

4. LOL!

Okay, let me make myself clear on this one. I totally respect this woman and I want to marry her. Alright, now that that is out of the way, I hope she also dies. (Well, maybe not...) Nothing tells your prospective clients that you know how to butcher HTML like having a homepage that does that and more. Also, the constantly running cheetah gif tells people that she can make a professional and yet, cool design for your company page. (I really can't describe my adoration for this woman. I should have her re-do my blog as well.)

I also really love the gif to send her an email. Because a simple, "click here" button just doesn't have enough flair.

The added bonus of a free hit counter at the bottom of the page really personifies the professional look as well. (For those of you that are going to immediately scrutinize me for doing the same, I give no fucks. None.)

Here's you go... http://www.lolworld.com/

5. Pony Ranch

Gotta love the added effect of balloons endlessly flying up your page, especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with what your site is about. This is also another example of illegal text/background usage. ::sigh::

Here's you go... http://www.arhorseranch.com/soldhorses.htm

6. Computer Lessons

I love it when text and links overlap so you can't fucking read shit. (Not that I ever really had that goal with this winner of a site.) Bud looks pretty sexy, though. At least this page has that going for it.

I'm really starting to doubt how much Bud really knows about computers...

Here's you go... http://www2.wcoil.com/%7Enharbison/

7. Songs for Lovers

This midi music makes me want to fall in love with the next person I see.. well, maybe shoot them. No, not them, shoot myself. You gotta love the usage of the repetitive guitar sound in this one. Sooo good. That's it, I'm "saving source as" and putting this one on my iTunes. Yesss.....
This page is actually for a newly wed couple. I feel sorry for them. Oy, I hope that they fired the asshole that made this webpage in dedication to their big day.

Here's you go... http://www.jamesness.com/

8. Get yer free rainbow dividers here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The excessive use of exclamation points in your title just emphasizes the awesomeness of your page, no really... it does.

This site offers many gorgeous rainbow dividers to spruce up any old site. Not only do they have no categorization for these gems, they are put sporadically all over this mess.

Also, the lovely "Clock Cursor" is the best way to remind your visitors how much of their life they have wasted on your site waiting for it to load because that fucking cursor takes for fucking ever on every browser. Also, changing your cursor to a wait sign won't make your visitors think the page is still fucking loading (from the damn clock thing) and leave...

Here's you go... http://rainbowdivider.com/

9. Birthday Entertainment

This is possibly the scariest shit I've ever seen. I'll just let you come to your own conclusion about it...

Here's you go... http://www.familyfriendlyenter.com/

10. Yvette's Bridal Formal

I've saved this one for last because it is the absolute most horrendous usage of every HTML code discussed above and more. HOLY CRAP! I really hope that this website isn't for real. I could find out for you, but I'm scared that if I call the number on there, I'll die instantly.

I'd also like to add that the recording Vivadi's Winter is just what this page needed to be on a different level of class...

There's nothing like confusing your visitors to the point of anxiety attacks.

Here's you go... http://yvettesbridalformal.com/index.htm

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Google Trends: Real Dolls and Real Dating?

Posted by Serious Weim on 11:53 AM in ,

I found this to be quite interesting. I suppose the men of our internets generation seem to be throwing in the towel early. Maybe...

Also, if you are unaware of what a real doll is... I would highly suggest clicking here. You will either be horrified, or intrigued.

Here in an 'interesting' documentary about the real dolls. Check it out. You don't need to watch the whole thing to get the idea... but it is something that you should see. I can't embed this jewel by request of the submitter. They are probs trying to stop assholes like myself from making blog posts like this.

P.S. Davecat is my homeboy.

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