You Ever See This? Drug Sniffing/Illegal Immigrant Finding Robotic Ferrets?

Posted by Serious Weim on 10:49 AM in

This may seem fake, oh, but it is real. These robotic ferrets were designed in the UK to attach themselves to cargo ships to detect any people trying to hitch a free ride or to find any weed. I can't decide if this is amazing, or if it is horrifying. Well, maybe both.

I've tried Google, Bing and (in vain) Ask Jeeves to find an actual picture of these little things, only to epically fail. Well, for your enjoyment, here is a photoshopped picture to aid your imagination. Also, here is a picture of the first search result on Google for "Robotic Ferret." Don't ask, just respect it. But honestly, if this really were what robotic ferrets looked like (and what the creator looked like) I would find this to be WAYY more interesting.

Here is a link to a legit website, so you all know I'm not full of shit, University of Sheffield Article

Check it out.



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