Random List: Top 11 Products used for purposes other than intended [College Version]

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1. Ping Pong Balls
Honestly, how many college students take the art of ping pong that seriously? I'm sure that 80% of the market for these among bros ages 18-24 are for beer pong. I don't think I've ever met someone in college that actually plays ping pong...

2. Milk Crates
Alright, I know that these are rarely bought, but found... but I severely doubt that anyone crates milk in these. These are the number one structural device for furniture construction amongst poor college kids.

Also, apparently, they are used for a game called 'Crate Ball.' I can't say I've ever played this... but I'm assuming it is just as bad-ass to fat frats dudes as 'Corn Hole.' (Or to you non-cornfield schoolers: 'Bags.')

Here is a website called The Milkcrate Digest. People can get creative with these plastic boxes. Here is an impressive milk crate briefcase. Wow, I would actually respect anyone with this.

3. Christmas Lights
These are a great investment to create angelically lighted winter land wonder during the holiday season. Also, they are a cheap alternative lighting device for any dorm room.
Milford Sound in New Zealand

4. Radar Detectors
The original and non-illegal usage for these have been lost in my mind. If you're not tracking cops when you're drunk driving, what the hell are you doing?! ...But really, I would never drive drunk... ever. (I must say this for legal purposes.)

5. Duct Tape
Are we ever taping ducts? I know this isn't a trend just among college kids... but really... what is a duct?

People have gotten really creative with this shit. I've seen crazy stuff made with duct tape. Beyond the usual multi-purpose-fixes-every-g'damn-thing.

Look at these guys... jesus. I don't know whether to respect them, or to injure them. (Well, maybe assault is a little extreme in these times. ...but just a little.)

Here are a few more pictures because this shit just doesn't get old.

But wait... this get's worse. There is a scholarship offered to the sorry asshole that can make the most obscene duct tape ensemble. Here's the website. Honestly, this is foh real.

6. Post-its
How many college kids actually use these for reminders? They are way too entertaining for that shit. 'Specially when they come in so many bitchin' colors. I've seen way too many videos on CollegeHumor.com with drunk bros post-it-ing their other drunk bros rooms or cars.

The 'two in the pink, one in the stink' hand sign makes this picture all the better. And more college-glorious.

Besides being a douche to your friends by post-it-ing all of their personal possessions, other people got even more creative with these semi-sticky squares of paper.

7. Cranberry Juice
I really don't know if anyone drinks cranberry juice for fun or for its fantastic nutritional value. I've only ever seen it mixed with shitty vodka and other low-price liquors.

8. 'Water" and "Tobacco" pipes
Ok, who are we kidding, you guys? For the frugal college student, those corn pipes are the way to go. Who really goes to Walgreens to buy a corn pipe for smoking tobacco? If you're going to be fancy, you might as well buy a legit pipe.

As for the rest of you more fancy stoners, water pipes are the way.

8b. Apples
This also brings me to the usage of apples. I know that they are nutritious and delicious, but they are useful too. Ever since the movie "40-Year-Old Virgin," these have been a standard item for those not even fancy enough for a corn pipe.

9. Blenders
I've realized that the majority of this list is dedicated to ways to drink or break the law somehow... this just adds to that.

Whenever a young blond bimbo asks her parents to buy a blender for her dorm room because she, "Can't like, live without smoothies," you know she's full of shit. Any kid that has a blender in their dorm room is the one that makes friends the fastest and has nightly margarita parties.

10. Google
All I have to say is... spell-check.

11. Finally.... Computers.
These are meant for taking notes and studying, right? ::Sigh:: Of course not! The number one usage is to watch porn, playing sudoku and looking up 'meaty vaginas' on CollegeHumor.com during class. Honestly, how often do we legitimately use these for furthering our education?

I bet that kid in the second row first on the left is Facebooking the chick next to him. Yeah, we all see you looking down her shirt, bro. You're not fooling anyone.



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